NEN Volunteer Distribution Manager

Hello neighbours

The New Edinburgh News is looking for a volunteer distribution manager.

This involves coordinating the distribution of the newspaper for residential and commercial routes in the community. The delivery force consists of 18 people (community volunteers) who make the individual deliveries throughout New Edinburgh and the businesses along the Beechwood/Hemlock corridor.

The amount of effort is roughly three hours per edition, five issues per year (so approx. 15 hours per year). Access to a garage or covered space to take delivery of the papers is preferred.

If you look forward to the next edition of NEN and are looking for a way to contribute, this is a great opportunity!

Ideally, the new distribution manager would start in May 2017 to shadow the outgoing distribution manager and to have the summer to get prepared for the October 2017 issue.

NEN published five times a year: October, December, February, April and June.

To apply, please contact Christina at