Traffic and Safety Committee

The Traffic and Safety Committee (TSC) advises the NECA Board on issues related to traffic and safety in New Edinburgh.  Following approval by the NECA Board, it may act as the primary liaison between the City and other public bodies on these issues.


The NECA Traffic and Safety Committee is responsible for:

  • Promoting safety for all transportation modes, including pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular traffic in New Edinburgh
  • Encouraging community dialogue on traffic and safety issues affecting New Edinburgh
  • Facilitating the resolution of traffic and safety issues in the community
  • Following consultation, analyses, and discussions with NE residents, public bodies, and other stakeholders, to provide recommendations to the NECA Board on traffic and safety issues
  • Articulating NECA’s views and positions through such documents as policy statements, principles, and making representations to the City and other public bodies
  • Promoting the creation and adoption of formal, neighbourhood-specific policies related to traffic and safety, including measures to calm traffic

The TSC is accountable to the NECA Board and will supply notes/action minutes, reports and other documents for NECA Board meetings and for posting on the NECA website and in the NEN, as appropriate.

Relevant documents: