We love our park!

New Edinburgh Park and Stanley Park border the Rideau River from Sussex Drive to Beechwood Avenue. It’s a beautiful space that tops the reasons people choose to live in this neighbourhood. (photo by Alexander McKenzie)

New Edinburgh Park, Stanley Park…. whatever you call it, the green space along the Rideau River from St. Patrick Street down to the Rideau Falls tops the list of things residents love about New Edinburgh.

With ownership shared between the City of Ottawa, the National Capital Commission and the Province of Ontario, New Edinburgh/Stanley Park offers scenic walking paths; a paved multi-use pathway; a playground, splash pad and Fieldhouse; and an off-leash dog park for the community to enjoy. In winter, ice rinks are set-up and maintained close to the Fieldhouse.

The City-owned part of the park includes the Fieldhouse at 203 Stanley Avenue; the play structure, tennis court and exercise equipment; the soccer field; and the green space south to Beechwood Avenue.

The NCC part of the park is roughly the other side of the ‘beach’ (the area where the ice breaking equipment gets parked).

Rules for Dogs

While off-leash dogs are allowed on the NCC portion of the park, they must be on-leash on the multi-use path. Dogs are not allowed near the playground or splash pad. (photo by Alexander McKenzie)

City of Ottawa rules state that “Dogs may be off leash. Dogs must always be under the control of their handler. Dogs are prohibited from being within five (5) meters of all children’s play areas and pools.” Search for New Edinburgh on the City’s parks webpage for details.

The National Capital Commission lists “Stanley Avenue Park” on its list of parks with off-leash areas. NCC rules in the off-leash area include:

  • An off-leash dog or pet must be under control at all times;
  • You may not bring more than two pets at a time on NCC land
  • Pick up after your pet
  • Keep your pet away from fountains and shorelines (pets are not allowed to be within three metres of any shoreline on NCC land); and
  • Take measures to ensure that your pet does not bite, attack, chase or injure any person or animal;
  • Exceptions are made for service dogs.

Multi-Use Pathway rules

The multi-use path is for all to enjoy. Basic rules: Yield to pedestrians, reduce your speed and keep dogs on a leash. (photo by Christina Leadlay)

The Multi-Use Pathway (MUP) is part of the NCC’s Capital Pathway network for everyone to use. Some guidelines include:

  • Keep right, pass left;
  • Sound your bell or call out when passing;
  • Keep pets on a short leash, and clean up after them;
  • The speed limit on the pathway is 20 km/h;
  • Yield to pedestrians.