Fieldhouse Improvements

Facility Improvement 

An ongoing effort to adapt the New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse building and to update its contents strives to ensure that that this community resource continues to serve the diverse needs of a wide range of users.

The CCC maintains a record of wants and needs expressed by user groups, that informs a list of prospective improvements to the Fieldhouse and surrounding public space.  The wish list is reviewed, revised and reprioritized annually.  When it is financially prudent to do so, available resources may be invested to address the wants and needs with the broadest benefit to both current and future users.

In 2019 the CCC signed a memorandum of understanding with the New Edinburgh Community Partners (CCC, NECA and Nectar) confirming that the organizations share a desire to ensure that funds the City of Ottawa had invested in Nectar’s property at 255 MacKay Street would be reinvested in public infrastructure within New Edinburgh following the sale of Nectar’s property. Further, the partners agreed that this investment of $250,000 is to be used in its entirety for capital improvements to the New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse.

Through the summer and fall of 2019 the CCC lead a process of consultation with Fieldhouse users and the community at large to identify and prioritize a list of improvements needed at the Fieldhouse.  

At the January 2020 meeting of the NECA Board of Directors the New Edinburgh Community Partners (CCC, NECA and Nectar) confirmed their agreement with the prioritized list of recommendations for improvement to the Fieldhouse that were identified by the community. 

On January 24, 2020 a letter was sent by the New Edinburgh Community Partners to Ottawa City Councillor King outlining the prioritized list of capital improvements that will serve to address the needs of current and future users of the New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse and the surrounding public space.

On November 5, 2020 a reply was received from Councillor King indicating that: “Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services staff is currently determining the feasibility and cost of the projects. The use of these funds will require a report to Council with rationale for expending the funds on improvement projects. I will suggest that we revisit this community discussion at a NECA or CCC meeting in the near future, once we have information about cost and feasibility back from City staff.”

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