Community Construction Monitoring Committee

The Community Construction Monitoring Committee was established as a result of the Community’s meeting with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson on Feb. 6, 2017, to discuss our concerns over the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST).

Find the CCMC’s Terms of Reference here.

It was envisaged that the community’s representation on this Committee be based on the New Edinburgh Community Alliance (NECA), but we have insisted on the option that our delegation also include non-NECA Board Members, a large number of whom have already contributed enormously to this community’s work on the CSST.  That allows us to vary our delegation to include subject matter experts and affected residents as appropriate to the agenda of a particular meeting.  Although the core delegation will probably be made up of two or three NECA Board Members, we would very much like to hear from any other members of the community interested in becoming a member of that core delegation or who would be willing to participate on a more ad-hoc basis, depending on the agenda.

Meetings are expected to be monthly throughout the lifecycle of the project, and the details are contained in the attached background sheet.

The City stressed their intention that the Committee be used as a conduit for information and to share concerns in both directions and to monitor progress on addressing concerns. It is not intended to be a decision making body to commit the community to any proposals that the City might bring forward. The City also stressed that they will continue to welcome direct contact from individuals and they also agreed that further Open Houses or public meetings may be held where necessary.

We will strive to ensure that a summary of each Committee meeting is circulated promptly to the community through established channels. We would welcome feedback and comments on those discussions, and would also particularly appreciate hearing about any concerns or questions related to the project that any of you feel should be raised.  

We hope that this Committee will be a useful forum for addressing questions and concerns at a higher level within the City system.   

Thank you,

Cindy Parkanyi, NECA President 

David Slinn, NECA Vice President

CCMC meeting notes

Documents and resources

List of Regulators/Permitting Authorities

  •  National Capital Commission (NCC)
    • Juan Galindez, Environmental Officer, Environmental Services (Federal Approvals and Environmental Management group under the Capital Planning Branch), NCC. 613-239-5678 (ext. 5523)
    • Éric Soulard, Senior Manager, Environmental Services, NCC. 613-239-5678 (ext. 5418)
    • Mathieu Brisson, Land Manager, Confederation Boulevard and Core Parks, NCC, 613-239-5678 (ext. 5035)
    • Marc Corriveau, Director, Urban Lands and Transportation, NCC. 613-239-5678 (ext. 5077)
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment
    • Steve Burns, Ottawa District Manager, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Steve.Burns@ontario.ca613-521-3450 ext. 224
  • Provincial Government of Ontario
  • Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA)
    • Hal Stimson, Inspector, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. Box 599, 3889 Rideau Valley Dr., Manotick, ON. K4M 1A5. 613-692-3571 ext.1127 or 1-800-267-3504
  • City of Ottawa