Community Vision for New Edinburgh Park

At its May 16, 2017 meeting, the New Edinburgh Community Alliance (NECA) board approved a motion to begin work to develop a comprehensive vision and plan for New Edinburgh’s park, based on stakeholder and community input and consultation.

While the overarching sentiment is to maintain the park’s natural state to the extent possible, there have been issues and concerns raised regarding various aspects of park: bike/pedestrian pathways, flood protection, traffic and safety at park entrances, Fieldhouse use and configuration, ice clearing damage, tree and greenspace loss, and others.

Rather than seeking solutions piece-meal, a larger vision for the park, one supported by the local community and various other park and river stakeholders (NCC, City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, CCC and NECTAR), would allow for a holistic approach to finding solutions.

Undertaking a process of information gathering, option analysis and broad community and stakeholder consultation should provide our community with a framework to assist planning and decision-making with regard to New Edinburgh’s park for years to come.

Relevant documents:

Park Vision Working Group Members:

  • George Anderson
  • David Arnold
  • Eileen Olexiuk
  • Cindy Parkanyi
  • Nicole Poitras
  • Victoria Solan
  • Chris Straka