New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse

The New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse at 203 Stanley Avenue is a community meeting place and event centre. Since its opening in 1998, the Fieldhouse has served as the heart of the New Edinburgh neighbourhood.  It is available for public and private meetings and is an excellent venue for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, memorials and other celebrations of all kinds. The Fieldhouse is managed by volunteers of the Crichton Community Council (CCC).  The City of Ottawa owns the Fieldhouse and has a longstanding Use Management Agreement with the CCC.  Revenue generated by the CCC from the rental of the Fieldhouse funds community events, programs and initiatives.  

Information about reserving the Fieldhouse for your event is available below.

Link to: Online Reservation System


The Fieldhouse is equipped with tables and chairs to seat 71 people (39 moulded plastic chairs, 32 folding plastic chairs, 8 folding tables (4 x 6 foot long tables and 4 x 8 foot long tables). Some tables and chairs are stored in a locked area.  The maximum capacity is approximately 125 people. The Ontario Building Code defines the occupant load capacity of the building.  The maximum capacity of the building varies depending on the building’s use.  (Large groups may need to rent portable toilets to ensure that the facilities on site satisfy the needs of the group.)  It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that that their use of the building does not exceed the limits set by the Ontario Building Code.   

The main room is approximately 29’ x 30’ (with adjoining storage areas).  The area of the main room is approximately 100 m².  The main room is served by 3 exits that are 1010 mm wide.  

A kitchen is equipped with a fridge, oven, microwave and coffee machine.  Cutlery and dishes are not available.

Windows provide a view of the Rideau River and the surrounding park from the main room.

Accessible washrooms and a water fountain located in the entry hall are accessible to the public.  Access to this space is provided during daylight hours by volunteers. Maintenance of the washrooms is provided by the City of Ottawa.  If these facilities require attention, please call 311.

On-street parking is available.

Public access to a wireless high speed internet connection is available.  Join the “Ottawa Free Wifi” network when inside the building or in the park immediately outside to take advantage of the connection.  Bandwidth is limited to 4 MB for general public users.  Additional bandwidth is available to renters of the facility upon request.

A telephone located in the main room, near the door to the washrooms, permits incoming and outgoing local calls. The unmonitored telephone number is: ‭613-742-5923‬.

A floor plan of the Fieldhouse is available here.

Facility Improvement 

An ongoing effort to adapt the Fieldhouse building and to update its contents strives to ensure that that this community resource continues to serve the diverse needs of a wide range of users.  More information about future improvements to the Fieldhouse are available here

New Edinburgh Park 

The New Edinburgh Fieldhouse is surrounded by New Edinburgh Park – a hub of neighbourhood activity. New Edinburgh Park includes the public space between the Rideau River and Stanley Avenue, from Beechwood Avenue to the forested area downriver from the playing fields. New Edinburgh Park is managed by the City of Ottawa.

(Stanley Park includes the public space further downstream, including the off-leash dog area, to Sussex Drive. Stanley park is managed by the NCC.)

Park facilities immediately adjacent to the Fieldhouse include:


Swings, slides, play structures, shade structure, picnic tables, benches

Sports Facilities

Baseball diamond
Soccer pitch
Basketball court
Two tennis courts
Outdoor fitness circuit
Grass field adjacent to playground and Fieldhouse.
Balls, toys and other equipment available in shared box near the playground


Octagonal shade structure with picnic table and concrete floor, adjacent to splash pad, with views of the park and river.

Splash Pad

Four fresh water water jets out of concrete pad, surrounded with grass, adjacent to gazebo, playing field, playground and Fieldhouse 


Crushed stone paths for walking, running along the edge of the Rideau River.

Paved multi-use path adjacent set back from the river for cycling and other activities, serving as an integral part of the Rideau River Eastern Pathway and the regional multi-use path network.  

Fieldhouse Reservations 

Availability of the Fieldhouse can be confirmed and bookings can be made through the online reservation system.

Fieldhouse Reservation Policies

All users of the New Edinburgh Fieldhouse must agree to the following terms:


$50 per hour with a minimum reservation of 3 hours.  All proceeds from rental fees are reinvested into the Fieldhouse, neighbouring facilities and community events. ​​​All paid reservations are subject to our refund policy.

The Fieldhouse is available at no cost to not-for-profit groups or individuals offering community-oriented events, especially public events, that are open to everyone, at no cost to participants, that do not generate a profit for an individual or an organization.  If you would like to explore this option, please email the CCC with a detailed description of your group and your proposed use before making any reservations in the online booking system.


Payments for reservations are non-refundable.  Payments for rentals cancelled within 2 weeks of your reservation date may be transferred to a new booking within 6 months or the original reservation date.


An email is sent to all users of the Fieldhouse (except for recurring users) in the week prior to their reservation date.  The email will explain how the user will be able to access the Fieldhouse.  Security at the Fieldhouse is maintained with locked doors, a key tracking system, a monitored security system and regular monitoring by an engaged community that make use of the building and the space around it daily.

Public Access 

The Fieldhouse is a community building.  Exclusive use of the entire building can not be guaranteed.  Public access to the entry hall, water fountain and washrooms must be provided via the north door (facing Stanley Avenue) whenever the Fieldhouse is in use, except while the pandemic restrictions are in place.  (The entry hall and washrooms can be isolated from the main room and kitchen with a lockable door.) 


Maximum capacity is 125 people. 


Preparation of food, especially raw meat, is not permitted in the Fieldhouse. Food handling must be done according to guidelines and regulations specified by Ottawa Public Health.


Reservations must include time for you to set up before and clean up after your event. Fieldhouse users must leave the building as it was found, or better. Please ensure it is ready for the next reservation which might follow immediately after yours. Tables and chairs should be stacked after use against the wall, in the corner between the door to the playground and the door to the entry hall (washrooms). Please be sure to remove all decorations and food when you leave.


Alcohol is permitted if you hold the necessary permits. For more information visit the LCBO’s website.

Park Reservations 

A Fieldhouse reservation is for the building only.  The public spaces around the Fieldhouse must be reserved through the City of Ottawa.  Please note that the playground, splash pad and gazebo are not reservable. For information contact the City of Ottawa by email or visit the website or call 311.

Seasonal Availability

Ice rinks are created on the fields on either side of the Fieldhouse from late December to early March (weather dependent).  During this period the Fieldhouse is used primarily as a change room and shelter for skaters on a daily basis.  Although the Fieldhouse is made available to other users during the skating season, those using the facility must be prepared for a lower standard of cleanliness.  Users of the Fieldhouse during skating season must also be prepared to find a portion of the main room set up as a skating change room upon their arrival. If an alternative configuration is desired outside of scheduled skating periods, time should be allocated by users to return the space to the original configuration after their use of the space for other purposes.  


If you need assistance while using the Fieldhouse (e.g. toilet is not working, damage has been caused or discovered), please call 311 and email  Please note that the Crichton Community Council will not be monitoring the email address during your event and will not be able to respond to questions or concerns immediately.  In case of emergency, please call 911.  
A telephone is located inside the door to the main room. The telephone number ‭613-742-5923‬. The telephone can be used for local outgoing calls only. This telephone is not monitored and messages can not be recorded at this number. 


For more information, please contact the CCC Director responsible for the Fieldhouse at