New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse

The New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse at 203 Stanley Avenue is a great rental venue for weddings, anniversaries, memorials, graduations, meetings, birthday parties and celebrations of all kinds.  The Fieldhouse is managed by volunteers of the Crichton Community Council.  Since its opening in 1993, the Fieldhouse has served as the heart of New Edinburgh.

Want to rent the Fieldhouse?

Rentals are currently unavailable because of provincial regulations related to COVID-19.


The Fieldhouse is equipped with tables and chairs to seat 71 people (39 moulded plastic chairs, 32 folding plastic chairs, 7 folding 6 foot long tables, 4 folding 8 foot long tables). Some tables and chairs are stored in a locked area.  Maximum capacity is 125 people, except when the pandemic restrictions are in effect, when the capacity is reduced to 15 people. (Groups exceeding 50 people must rent additional portable toilets since the washrooms cannot handle the volume.)

The main room is approximately 29’ x 30’ (with adjoining storage areas).  Windows provide a view of the Rideau River and surrounding park.

A kitchen is equipped with a fridge, oven, microwave and coffee machine.  Cutlery and dishes are not available.

Accessible washrooms and a water fountain located in the entry hall are accessible to the public.  Access to this space is provided during daylight hours by volunteers. Maintenance of the washrooms is provided by the City of Ottawa.  If these facilities require attention, please call 311.

On-street parking is available.

Facility Improvement 

An ongoing effort to adapt the Fieldhouse building and to update its contents strives to ensure that that this community resource continues to serve the diverse needs of a wide range of users.

The CCC maintains a record of wants and needs expressed by user groups, that informs a list of prospective improvements to the Fieldhouse and surrounding public space.  The wish list is reviewed, revised and reprioritized annually.  When it is financially prudent to do so, available resources may be invested to address the wants and needs with the broadest benefit to both current and future users.

Here are the CCC’s recommendations for improvements to the New Edinburgh Park Fieldhouse.

New Edinburgh Park 

The New Edinburgh Fieldhouse is surrounded by New Edinburgh Park – a hub of neighbourhood activity.

New Edinburgh Park includes the public space between the Rideau River and Stanley Avenue, from Beechwood Avenue to the forested area downriver from the playing fields. (Stanley Park includes the public space further downstream, including the off-leash dog area, to Sussex Drive.)

Park facilities immediately adjacent to the Fieldhouse include:


Swings, slides, play structures, shade structure, picnic tables, benches

Sports Facilities

Baseball diamond
Soccer pitch
Half basketball court
Two tennis courts
Outdoor fitness circuit
Grass field adjacent to playground and Fieldhouse.
Balls, toys and other equipment available in shared box near the playground


Octagonal shade structure with picnic table and concrete floor, adjacent to splash pad, with views of the park and river.

Splash Pad

Four fresh water water jets out of concrete pad, surrounded with grass, adjacent to gazebo, playing field, playground and Fieldhouse

Multi-Use Path

Asphalt and crushed stone paths for cycling, walking, running along the Rideau River