Chief Pinesi Day – July 1, 2024

Poster for Chief Pinesi Day 2024

Kichi Sibi Trails, in concert with NECA and the Crichton Community Council, is once again coordinating the July 1st Chief Pinesi Day event in New Edinburgh Park (in and around the Fieldhouse) to honour Algonquin Anishinabe presence in the area. If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities please contact: Kischi Sibi Trails

This year will be a bit different from previous years. Chief Pinesi Day will be the culmination of the Oka to Ottawa: Pinesi Paddle starting on 25 June. Over 40 paddlers, descendants of Chief Pinesi, Algonquins, other indigenous people and settlers will reach Governor Bay below Rideau Hall about 11 AM, likely with members of the Governor General’s Foot Guards.

The Sacred Fire will begin at 8 led by Doug Comegan. The program will be led by the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation and will feature drumming, singing and dancing by the Spirit Wolf Singers. Councillor Merv Sarazin will MC; Opening prayers will be offered by Kokom Jane Chartrand.

In the morning, attendees can take a land tour along parts of the revitalized Chief Pinesi Portage Trails, which were ancient (approximately 8,000 years old) indigenous portage trails between the Ottawa and Rideau rivers. The trail is marked by signs created by Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg artist Simon Brascoupé.

Want to know more about Chief Pinesi and the portage trail? Visit the Kichi Sibi Trails website.