Rideau-Rockcliffe By-election 2019

Ward 13, Rideau-Rockcliffe, will be voting for its City Councillor on April 15, 2019. The deadline for filing nomination papers has passed. There are 17 candidates running to become Rideau-Rockcliffe’s next City Councillor!

The Community Association Presidents of New Edinburgh, Manor Park, Cardinal Glen, Lindenlea, Rockcliffe and Overbrook interviewed the candidates over three days. The purpose of the interviews was help our residents understand who the candidates are, what drives them to run, and what skills they bring to the table. There is no intent to endorse or support any of the candidates. Rather, the intent is to provide information to our Association residents so they can make more informed choices among the candidates.

Candidates were given five identical questions one hour before their allotted interview time. Each could answer any or all of the questions in any order they chose, and to the depth they deemed appropriate. What follows is a summation of each candidate’s answers. The order of interviews and answers is based on when they registered with the City and does not indicate a rating.

Summary of interviews with 16 of the 17 candidates

Rogers TV interviewed the candidates. The French-language version of the show is available on YouTube

Here are the candidates:

Kasia Adamiec 613-791-3575 info@votekasia.ca votekasia.ca
Idris Ben-Tahir 613-234-0707 i.bentahir92@gmail.com  
Marc Dorgeville 613-809-2937 marc.dorgeville@gmail.com marcdorgeville.ca
Bruce A. Faulkner   brucefaulkner777@gmail.com  
Johan Hamels 613-744-6009 Johanhamels2019@gmail.com johanhamels.ca
Peter Heyck 613-853-4251 peterheyck@gmail.com  
Miklos Horvath 613-293-0323 votehorvath@gmail.com votehorvath.ca
Peter Karwacki 613-304-5844 peterkarwacki.overbrook@gmail.com  
Rawlson King 613-868-1860 info@rawlsonking.ca rawlsonking.ca
Jerry Kovacs 613-366-6796 jerry_kovacs@yahoo.ca  
Jamie Kwong 613-252-8366 jamie@jamiekwong.ca jamiekwong.ca
Maurice Lamirande 613-371-7827 mauricelamirande1945@gmail.com mauricelamirande.com
Patrick Mayangi 613-262-8342 pat.mayangi@gmail.com patrickmayangi.ca
Oriana Ngabirano 613-252-4364 info@voteoriana.ca voteoriana.ca
Chris Penton 613-883-1012 votepenton@gmail.com votepenton.ca
Sheila Perry 613-407-7434 electsheilaperry@gmail.com sheilaperry.ca
Penny Thompson 613-851-963 pennythompson@rogers.com votepennyt.ca

All Candidates Meetings:

March 29, 2019       7 – 10 PM
Overbrook Community Center
33 Quill Street,

April 2, 2019            7 – 9:30 PM 
Queen Juliana Hall,  Rockcliffe Park Public School
350 Buena Vista Rd.
Rockcliffe Park 
Co-sponsored by New Edinburgh, Rockcliffe Park, Manor Park, Lindenlea and Cardinal Glen community associations

April 8, 2019         7 – 9 PM    
Environmental Debate
Unitarian Church at 400 McArthur
Co-sponsored by New Edinburgh Community Association, Lindenlea Community Association, Overbrook Community Association and Ecology Ottawa. 8 candidates have accepted the invitation.