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New Edinburgh Community Alliance Mandate

The New Edinburgh Community Alliance (NECA)mandate as it appears in the incorporation document of July 1989 includes:

  • Developing and fostering a sense of community among the residents of New Edinburgh;
  • Researching, developing positions and making representations to various levels of government on matters affecting the community and its residents; and

  • Co-ordinating activities of the corporation with those of organizations, associations and individuals with similar interests or activities whether in the community or outside it.

  • What does NECA do?

    • NECA publishes and distributes the New Edinburgh News, and manages this website;
    • NECA gets involved in specific issues such as participating in Beechwood development planning, working to get the Fieldhouse construction approved and started, and fighting construction of the Vanier Parkway extension. It has become one of the most respected community organizations in the city because of its ability to mobilize community support for its battles.
    • NECA's Heritage and Development Committee tries to ensure that new development does not overwhelm our community, and that new homes are welcome additions rather than eyesores;
    • NECA works with the City on Traffic Calming to make our streets safer;
    • NECA works to improve the environmental quality within the New Edinburgh community toward a more sustainable future (see our page on Environmental News and Events;
    • Friends of New Edinburgh Park works on maintaining and landscaping the park, implementing projects such as the off-leash dog run area, the basketball court and the NCC bike path, and making the park friendly to dogs and their owners. Activities in these areas are ongoing, long-term, and include frequent consultation with our Councillor and City officials (and, in the case of the park, people from the National Capital Commission);

    We need you! 

    However, few of our achievements have come easily, and all have taken time and effort from a number of people. At this time NECA needs more people. You can help either by participating in NECA’s activities, or by helping us recruit new membership for NECA, its committees and its Board of Directors. Think about whether you can spare some time to help to maintain the quality of life in New Edinburgh, and contact someone on the Board if you would like to get involved.

    Please become a NECA member today.  Click here for an online membership form.