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Notice of Public Meeting

invites you to a presentation and discussion on a proposal
to demolish the bungalow at 132 Stanley Avenue
and build six townhouses along Queen Victoria,
between Stanley Avenue and River Lane.
We welcome your input.
WHERE: MacKay United Church (Avon Lane entrance)
DATE: Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
TIME: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
For more information please contact:
NE Heritage & Development Committee
at 613.749.5260
vous invite à assister à une présentation afin de discuter
d’une part, de la proposition de démolition d’un bungalow
au 132 avenue Stanley et d’autre part, de la construction de
six maisons de ville le long de Queen Victoria entre l’avenue
Stanley et la ruelle Rivière.
Merci de nous faire part de vos commentaires.
LIEU : Église MacKay United (entrée ruelle Avon Lane)
DATE : mercredi 9 janvier 2008
HEURE : 19h - 21h
Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez contacter :
le comité du patrimoine et du développement de NE
au 613-749-5260
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NCC Mandate Review Committee Report: "Charting a New Course"

Shortly before Christmas, the NCC Mandate Review Committee, a three person panel chaired by distinguished Ottawa academic Gilles Paquet, issued its report and recommendations on the future role and modus operandi of the National Capital Commission (NCC), an institution which has had a profound impact on the capital region as a whole, and from time to time, on the community of New Edinburgh in particular.
In the course of the past twenty-five years, our community has struggled against a variety of NCC initiatives, ranging from an erstwhile plan to reconfigure Sussex Drive in such a way as to encroach directly on the neighbourhood, to the construction of the now moribund Canada and the World Pavilion in the formerly sylvan Rideau Falls Park, and most recently, a plan to “liven up” the area with a new public building on the green space along Sussex Drive between Stanley and Alexander Streets. Many of us have also watched in horror as the once park-like open spaces abutting the Pearson Building were sold off to permit the construction of new embassies, arguably not a visual enhancement of “Confederation Boulevard” and almost certainly a questionable exercise of the Commission’s stewardship role in the protection of public land.
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Plant Sale

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Come and find out what Rockcliffe Park has to offer! Our Open House is on Saturday, September 29th from 10.00-2.00 at the Rockcliffe Park branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 380 Springfield (745-2562). Special activities include The Magic of Ian Quick at 10.30 am , Junkyard Symphony: Juggler’s Jam at 1.00pm, face-painting, craft table, door prizes and refreshments.

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Continuing Work Towards a World-Class Park

I am pleased to announce that Madelien Lang, a long-time resident of New Edinburgh has replaced me as Chair, Friends of New Edinburgh Park Committee of the New Edinburgh Community Alliance (NECA).
With its creation in June 1999, the Friends Committee adopted a challenging vision statement: To create a worldclass park. I wish to thank the founding members of the Friends Committee for their contributions toward this vision: Catherine Mirsky, Barbara Benoit, Gail Mceachern, Simon Clark, Peter Cock, Jennifer Tolton, Catherine Canning, Daphne Hope, past president of NECA and our current president, Gemma Kerr. I also thank former Councillor Richard Cannings for his support in creating the Friends Committee in 1999. I am most grateful for the continued support from Councillor Jacques Legendre and his staff. Finally, I am grateful for the tremendous support provided by the 500 registered members of the Friends of New Edinburgh Park Committee who continue to improve our park through their diligent efforts.
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Halloween Howl

Halloween Howl
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Rideau River Clean Up 2007: Rollin� Up the River

This year’s Rideau River Clean Up marked (pardon the pun) a watershed in the evolution of this annual event, attracting a record number of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, and expanding the clean up effort well beyond our previous boundary at the Cummings Bridge to include stretches of the shoreline as far up river as Hog’s Back. The weather on clean up day was idyllic, with bright sun, a clear sky and a light breeze to entice volunteers to the river banks for a morning of painstaking and often mucky work collecting the accumulated garbage and debris of another long winter.
Aside from the glorious weather which falls into the category of good luck rather than good management, the success of this year’s event was largely the result of many months of preparatory planning by our Project Coordinator Catherine Canning. Catherine worked tirelessly to broaden the base of volunteers to include other communities and interest groups; to prepare both publicity materials and a wonderful assortment of Urban Rideau Conservationists’ paraphernalia such as URC T-shirts, cloth shopping bags and mugs; and to plan and implement the complex logistics of the event itself.
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2008 Editions

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NECA President Gemma Kerr Reports

Not much has changed since my December report, except that winter seems to have arrived at last. While I don’t welcome ice on the roads and piles of city-delivered snow in my driveway, I am glad to see the canal ready for Winterlude, and our own community Winter Carnival go back to being a Skating Party.
An Open and Responsive NECA
I was reflecting recently on how I came to join the NECA Board. I was invited to join after being active with a residents’ group that was set up to protest perceived lack of openness and responsiveness on the part of NECA regarding developments on Stanley Avenue. Perceptions of this nature have periodically been an issue since I joined the Board, and I would like to report to you on three initiatives that we hope will improve matters.
Heritage & Development Committee Mandate
Development continues to be a strong focus of neighbourhood concern, and NECA’s Heritage and Development Committee reviews all development proposals that the City provides us information on (which is virtually all that are submitted). Members of this Committee are knowledgeable and hardworking, and often work to tight deadlines when City information is late in arriving. There have been occasional communication breakdowns, and we are addressing this by developing a mandate for the Committee that should ensure, among other things, that everyone is kept properly informed. More information is provided elsewhere on this page.
Sculpture Selection for Trail
Many of us were thrilled when the first sculpture on the new Ottawa Sculpture Trail (OST) was installed in our park. However, some reservations were expressed about lack of community involvement in selecting the piece displayed. When a new sculpture is chosen for the park in the Spring, the OST organizing committee will put together a shortlist of possible choices, and will showcase them at an Open House. That way, people who are interested can participate in the final selection.
Website Discussion Groups
With the addition in 2006 of a Discussion Groups section, where members of the community can ask questions and post comments on any topic of interest, the New Edinburgh Website has become an even better tool for communication and exchange of information. Webmaster Andrew Kerr is doing a great job, and I encourage anyone who is connected but has not yet visited our website to log on to www.newedinburgh.ca.
New Chair for Traffic Calming Committee
Finally, we welcome Julie Sunday to the position of Chair for the Traffic Calming Committee, and wish her and her Committee success. Traffic is shaping up to be a very important issue in the near future as large developments are implemented in nearby neighbourhoods.
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