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AGM Minutes (Final) - 2007-06-18

To view the final minutes of the 2007-06-18 NECA Annual General Meeting, click here (Adobe Reader is required).

It�s Picnic Time Again!

The New Edinburgh News was overwhelmed with wonderful submissions for the month of June and regrettably our regular recipe column from Heather Maclachlan of Mackay Street Epicuria was not included because of space constraints. For all you picnickers out there who need culinary inspiration for the summer season, it is posted here on the community website:
Packing a picnic and heading off for a day with friends or family or both can present a food challenge. It is usually a ‘last minute’ decision that depends upon the weather as the final decider. Most people are happy to choose sliced meats, interesting cheese and some great bread. Have you tried the Art-is-in Bakery Breads? They are available at Epicuria (fresh every day except Monday) and are a tasteful delight!
The biggest issue with this kind of food preparation is food safety. It is advisable to avoid mayonnaise as this can be tricky; even a cooler packed with ice may not maintain the right temperature. I have therefore chosen an easy salad without mayonnaise or eggs. It is vegetarian and relatively easy to put together the day before and store in an airtight container.
Bean Salad with Spiced Molasses Dressing
3 cups Assorted Cooked Beans (Canned Beans, well rinsed and drained is OK)
Medium Chop:
1 Green Pepper, 1 Red Pepper, 1 Small Red Onion, 2 Stalks of celery
Finely Chop:
2 Tbsp fresh Basil 2 Tbsp Parsley 2 Tbsp Chives
For the dressing, puree the following ingredients:
½ cup reconstituted Sun Dried Tomatoes
2 cloves of Garlic
½ cup Molasses
3 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
½ Tbsp Dijon Mustard
½ Tbsp Chipotle Chili
Combine all the vegetables.
Use the dressing sparingly at first, and add as you want to your taste.
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Climate Change Series

The Climate Change articles by Hugh Robertson that appeared in recent editions of the New Edinburgh News are now available as a separate download.  Click here to download the entire series (now includes the articles from Februrary and April 2008).

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NECA Minutes for 2005 AGM, 2005-06-07

Annual General Meeting
Tuesday June 7, 2005
St. Bartholomew’s Church Hall
A. President’s Welcome:
Gemma Kerr welcomed all to the 2005 New Edinburgh Community Alliance (NECA) Annual General Meeting (AGM).
B. Approval of the Agenda:
Gemma requested that a motion be adopted to accept the agenda for the AGM.
Kim Illman motioned that the agenda be accepted. Johann Rudnick seconded the motion. The AGM agenda was unanimously approved.
C. Approval of the 2004 AGM Minutes:
Guy Legault motioned that the 2004 AGM minutes be accepted as presented. The motion was seconded by Ms. Kathy Glover. The 2004 AGM minutes were unanimously approved.
D. Councillor’s Report:
Councillor Jacques Legendre discussed the Beechwood Community Design Plan, there was a steering committee meeting last fall, an open house in late April was attended by over 200 people. The area being examined runs from the Beechwood Bridge to the Cemetery and before amalgamation involved 3 local municipalities with one regional road. These multiple constituencies have made it difficult in the past to facilitate coherent planning. The Beechwood Community Design Plan is looking at a 20 year window and attempting to reach the entire community. There will be another meeting in September but no specific date has been set, more information will become available and can be accessed through Councillor Legendre’s office or through the ward website at www.ottawa.ca/public consult/beechwood.
Councillor Legendre then outlined the roadwork being undertaken this summer at Rideau Terrace & Dufferin to Princess, from Maple/Lisgar through to Maple at Springfield. The benefits expected from this construction will be that the intersection will be reconfigured at Lisgar/Dufferin/Rideau Terrace to eliminate the ramp which will serve to reduce the speed of cars. The Princess/Lisgar intersection will also be reconfigured. In 2006 the road construction will address the stretch from Princess to the Rockcliffe Parkway.
Councillor Legendre then discussed the city budget and advised that modest success was achieved this year including provision for a Crime Prevention Agency that in the past has not been properly supported. The new agency is beginning with a clean sheet, has much more support and has a strong board including the police chief, school board, United Way, and city representation and will have staff to support its operation. Jacques Legendre is the first chair of the revamped agency.
Councillor Legendre advised that within the next few weeks the city’s annual report will be available and can be accessed on the ward website, www.rideaurockcliffe.com.
Councillor Legendre then invited questions. The first question requested clarification on the representation of key minorities on the Crime Prevention Agency, Councillor Legendre advised that key minorities were consulted as part of the formation of the new agency.
Johann Rudnick thanked Councillor Legendre for his continued support of the 4C’s and their continuing difficulties with the School of Dance at the 200 Crichton facility.
Gemma Kerr then thanked Councillor Legendre for his unwavering support of NECA and advised that many community associations do not have the support that Jacques continues to provide.
Ray Boomgaardt thanked Councillor Legendre for the temporary stop sign recently installed at the corner of Crichton and Union, Councillor Legendre reiterated that this was a temporary measure until the construction on Sussex is completed. Councillor Legendre was asked what is the next step to be taken to make this stop sign a permanent, he advised the city is expecting that the new construction will affect traffic flows and that the community should wait until the problem is shown to continue to exist and then make an application for a permanent stop sign at this intersection.
A concern was raised regarding skate boarding on Springfield Road late at night and is a continuing nuisance.
E. Treasurer’s Report:
John Jarecsni presented the NECA financial statements. John stated that revenues from the New Edinburgh News (NEN) had increased by $10,000 over the previous year. John advised that NECA now has a total of $30,000 in savings available. John also drew attention to the notes to the financial statements in particular Note 4 regarding the volunteers who actively support NECA.
John Protus presented a motion to waive the requirement for an audit of the financial statements. Jim Watson seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously passed.
Rafael Therrien presented a motion to accept the financial statements as presented. Rick Findlay seconded the motion. The motion passed with one abstention.
F. Development and Heritage & Intensification Committee Reports
Gail McEachern referred to her report included in the AGM handout package outlining the developments considered by the Development and Heritage Committee during the year.
There was some discussion on the proposed development on the Rockcliffe side of Beechwood in the old railway yards. The proposed development could be as high as twenty stories. Gemma Kerr advised that this development does not lie directly within the NECA jurisdiction, however she acknowledged that this development will have an impact on the New Edinburgh community and agreed that NECA should take notice of the impending development.
It was suggested the density of the proposed development at twenty stories may be to the cover the costs required to clean up the known contamination on the site.
G. New Edinburgh News (NEN) Report:
Carolyn Brereton advised that it has been an excellent year for the New Edinburgh News. The latest edition was 44 pages and is at the maximum, if the paper becomes any larger it will need to be split into two sections. The responsibilities of the editor are considerable including organizing the distributors to providing copy. Carolyn noted the production of the NEN successfully transitioned to a completely electronic format
Carolyn then advised that would be her last report as her family is leaving New Edinburgh. Carolyn introduced her replacement Cindy Parkanyi from Avon Lane as the new editor of the NEN. Carolyn emphasized that the NEN relies on community support.
Rick Findlay thanked Carolyn for her significant contributions to the New Edinburgh News and how much he has enjoyed the newspaper and always reads it from cover to cover. Gemma presented a gift to Carolyn in recognition of her contribution to the community and wished her all the best.
H. Friends of the Park Report:
Ed Browell unfortunately could not attend but his report was included in the AGM package.
There were some comments raised from the floor requesting the availability of a drinking fountain; the original Field House had a publicly available water fountain.
A query was raised regarding the availability of washrooms to those using the park. It was advised that when the Field House was open the washrooms within the facility are available for public use, however this is limited as there is not a full-time presence in the Field House. It was pointed out that Johnny-on-the-Spots were not an option due to the potential for vandalism.
A question was raised as to when the sprinkler pad would be turned on. It was advised that there was a special date last year, at the end of May/Early June. Hopefully the sprinklers would be activated soon; Kim Illman volunteered to contact the city to expedite this issue.
J. Traffic Report:
A handout was provided by Rick Findlay chair of the traffic subcommittee.
Rick Findlay has requested that the city prepare a priority list for the traffic calming initiatives in the neighborhood.
Rick advised that this would be the last time he would present the traffic report, due to the pressures of work and travel Rick is stepping down as chair of the traffic committee. Rick commented that the continuing traffic issues facing New Edinburgh requires some new blood to take up the challenge and advised that he is happy to contribute and assist in working the issues.
MaryEllen Boomgaardt advised that she is able to continue the work of the traffic committee until a new chairman is identified. Gemma thanked Rick for his work in support of the community.
K. Website
There is a state of flux regarding the existing New Edinburgh website as the donor does not want to continue to provide support.
Andrew Kerr is contributing to the website development assisting Heather Mathews. NECA needs to decide on the appropriate way forward for the hosting of the New Edinburgh website. Heather Mathews, Gemma Kerr and Andrew Kerr are to get together to discuss the way ahead.
Cindy Parkanyi suggested that NECA may want to look into availability of free servers to host our website.
L. Neighbourhood Watch:
Mike Histed presented the Neighborhood Watch status. Currently there are 50 block Captains in New Edinburgh and the community is roughly two/thirds covered by Neighborhood Watch.
Mike advised that Neighborhood Watch signs have been recently erected in the community.
With regards to the graffiti in the community, Mike has notified the police of the community concern, and the police are interested in a dialogue with the community.
There was some discussion regarding a safety audit for the community, and Mike advised that this may be more appropriately coordinated through NECA. Gemma advised that NECA would eagerly support this but it would be better if this initiative came from the broader community.
It was noted that a safety audit had been conducted in the park resulting in some changes in the lighting and the removal of the picnic table in the gazebo area.
M. Crichton Community Council (3Cs):
Kim Illman gave a brief listing of the activities coordinated and supported by the 3Cs over the last year.
Kim advised that over the spring there have been changes in the manner in which the Field House is being managed and that these changes were all for the better.
Kim discussed the issues surrounding the last years New Edinburgh Garage Sale, in particular the arrival of interlopers not connected with the community. Kim advised that this year the 3Cs would attempt to deter people who do not live in the community from setting up during the sale.
N. Crichton Community Cultural Centre (4Cs):
Johan Rudnick chair of the 4Cs advised that there continues to be difficulties with The School of Dance (TSOD) within the 200 Crichton Street facility.
Johan advised that that 4Cs appreciates the support from both the 3Cs and NECA.
Johan briefed the plans for the renovation of a new large beautiful space within 200 Crichton on the second floor overlooking the park. The renovation is expected to occur over the summer months.
The Lumiere festival is scheduled for the 20th August in Stanley Park beginning at 5:00 pm.
O. NECA Elections:
The slate for this year’s NECA Board are:
Rick Findlay
John Jarecsni
Gemma Kerr
Pauline Bogue
Gail McEachern
Catherine Mirsky
David Paget
David Sacks
Heather Mathews motioned that the Board be elected as presented. The motion was seconded from the floor. The motion was carried with one abstention.
P. Other Business:
Sculpture Trail:
There was a discussion regarding the implementation of a sculpture trail in Stanley Park. Initial feedback is very positive. Further work will be carried out to generate more support for this idea and the goal is to have one sculpture in the park before the snow flies.
Political Party Presentations
There were brief presentations for both the Conservative and Green party representatives.
Tom Place
Gemma recognized Tom’s long commitment to the community and shared that there will be a tree planted in the park to commemorate Tom.
Q. Adjournment:
Joseph Cull raised a motion for adjournment of the NECA 2005 AGM, seconded by Rick Findlay. The motion was unanimously approved.

NEN Advisory Board

The first meeting of the newly-formed New Edinburgh News Advisory Board will meet at the Stanley Park fieldhouse on Tuesday, September 11 at 7:30 pm.
This is an open meeting and anyone interested in participating in our community newspaper is encouraged to attend.
Members of the Board will take an active role in managing the NEN by
  • assisting the NEN editor in editorial decisions including determining appropriateness of content and mix of content for the current issue
  • providing suggestions for stories to be covered in upcoming issues
  • making decisions on administrative and financial matters concerning the operation of the NEN
  • helping to identify additional resouces and volunteers as needed.

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NECA Minutes for 2007-01-15

Monday, January 15, 2007
Field House, 193 Stanley Avenue



Board members: Gemma Kerr (President), Barbara Benoit (Secretary), John Jarecsni (Treasurer), David Sacks, Dilshad Macklem, Gail McEachern, Catherine Mirsky

Ex officio: Julie Sunday (Traffic), Cindy Parkanyi (NEN), Michel Giroux (CCC), Jacques Legendre (Councillor)

Guests: Jean-Louis Wallace


Board members: Pauline Bogue, Carrolyn Johnston, Andrew Kerr


Agenda and Minutes:

The Agenda was approved. The minutes of the September, October and November meetings were approved, with minor changes to the October minutes.


Councillor’s Report:

Jacques Legendre updated the board on the City budget process and the Bridgehead application to pay cash in lieu of parking at Beechwood.

Affiliate Reports:

Michel said that the CCC is considering two proposals from city-approved contractors for playground redevelopment: one for $25,000 and one for $30,000.

There will be a full report in the next NEN. The process is moving along.

Friends of the Park and Sculpture Trail:
Ed Browell, President of the New Edinburgh Park Trust, informed Gemma that the Trust donated $ 4,213.81 to the Ottawa Sculpture Trail group on 4 Dec 2006 as a partial payment for the sculpture concrete pad installed by the group in New Edinburgh Park. The vandalized sculpture has been removed, the insurance has been paid, and the group is planning another installation in the spring. It was re-emphasized that NECA has agreed to make no further contributions to the project. Ed is negotiating with the City for more trees. Gemma and John will look for a replacement as Ed is stepping down. Madelien Lang was suggested.

Urban Rideau Conservationists:
Gemma reported that Catherine Cannings has received no response to her request to several environmental groups for four or five “leaders”. Cindy suggested that the proposal may be too ambitious. Julie offered to contribute a contact from Eco-Ottawa. Other suggestions were to try the high schools and Elizabeth May.

Sub-committee Reports

Development and Heritage:
Gail tabled a new Fo-Tenn report. There will be opportunities over the next two or three months to address the City committee reviewing the draft zoning by-law. She also distributed a mandate and terms of reference for the committee for discussion at the February meeting.. The issue of timely distribution of information was raised. Gail will send a letter to the Committee of Adjustment asking for earlier notification.

There was nothing to report.

There was nothing to report.

The deadline has passed for the February issue.

Julie has met with Rick Findlay, and they will meet again later this month.

There was nothing to report.


Other Business

Board members thanked Gemma for hosting the Christmas party and said that the arrangement of inviting all community groups should be continued. Gemma reported that she had received a Christmas card from Ethel Proulx thanking NECA for its support of the Euchre group over the years.



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

It's Mothers Day: Clean Up Your River

For the second year in a row, the annual Rideau River Cleanup will take place on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. As we reported in previous editions of the News, this year’s event has received a generous boost from the City of Ottawa in the form of an environmental project grant, and for the first time, our clean up efforts will expand up river to include a second group of volunteers based at the Rideau Tennis Club in the Overbrook area at 1 Donald Street (at River Road).
Our Urban Rideau Conservationists’ project leader, Catherine Canning, is the moving spirit behind our local river clean up events for close to a decade and will be in charge of the Overbrook clean up operation from the Cummings Bridge to the Queensway overpass. NECA member Andrew Kerr (a.k.a. webmaster for our community’s excellent website) will take the lead in the Burgh where, once again, the Headquarters will be our local Fieldhouse at 193 Stanley Avenue. Volunteers will tackle the shoreline on both sides of the river from the Minto Bridges to the Cummings Bridge.
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Princess Avenue Rehabilitation - Open House

From Jo-anne Moore, City of Ottawa:

Please join us at an open house scheduled for Monday, October 22, 2007, at 7:30 pm in the Small Gym of the Rockcliffe Public School (350 Buena Vista Road), to discuss the upcoming Princess Avenue rehabilitation between Lisgar Road and the Rockcliffe Parkway.

You may recall that at the last public meeting, held on April 19, 2007, we were working to revise plans for the rehabilitation that would address various needs on this very special piece of roadway. As such, on October 22, we would like to review the details of the project with you.

Representatives from the City of Ottawa and the Ward Councillor Jacques Legendre will be available to discuss the project and answer your questions. Your feedback is very important to us.

Please forward this notice to anyone else who may be interested in the project.

We look forward to seeing you on October 22. In the meantime, please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Jo-anne Moore, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager
City of Ottawa, Public Works and Services Department
Construction Services Division, 6th floor Mail code 26-61
100 Constellation Crescent, Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8
Tel: 613-580-2424 ext. 43975
Fax: 613-560-6064

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Canada and the World Pavilion: A Vice-Regal Future?

Thanks in part to the enterprising reporting of Ottawa Citizen writer Patrick Dare, the vice-regal cat is now out of the bag, and Rideau Hall has confirmed that the Department of Public Works and Government Services is actively considering the Pavilion as one of the possible options to serve as headquarters for the Governor General’s Chancellery of Honours, an organization which is reportedly being squeezed out of its existing shared quarters in the La Salle Academy on Sussex Drive by a burgeoning Canada School of Public Service (CSPS). Negotiations towards the possible relocation of the Chancellery of Honours appear to be well advanced, and we understand that Rideau Hall may be aiming to complete the move in time for a grand reopening on July 1st.
Initial reaction to the proposal, based on the assumption that the Pavilion would be devoted exclusively to office space, was understandably not enthusiastic. An Ottawa Citizen editorial argued that “if bureaucrats are put into offices on this site, that view will be seen by precious few individuals,” and Federal Environment Minister John Baird, the senior political Cabinet minister for the Ottawa region, was characteristically forthright, declaring that “putting the Governor General’s staff there is ridiculous…It shouldn’t be used for that purpose.”
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Notice of Public Meeting

invites you to a presentation and discussion on a proposal
to demolish the bungalow at 132 Stanley Avenue
and build six townhouses along Queen Victoria,
between Stanley Avenue and River Lane.
We welcome your input.
WHERE: MacKay United Church (Avon Lane entrance)
DATE: Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
TIME: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
For more information please contact:
NE Heritage & Development Committee
at 613.749.5260
vous invite à assister à une présentation afin de discuter
d’une part, de la proposition de démolition d’un bungalow
au 132 avenue Stanley et d’autre part, de la construction de
six maisons de ville le long de Queen Victoria entre l’avenue
Stanley et la ruelle Rivière.
Merci de nous faire part de vos commentaires.
LIEU : Église MacKay United (entrée ruelle Avon Lane)
DATE : mercredi 9 janvier 2008
HEURE : 19h - 21h
Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez contacter :
le comité du patrimoine et du développement de NE
au 613-749-5260
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