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Annual New Edinburgh Picnic

The New Edinburgh


Stanley Park (Fieldhouse)

Sunday June 10th 11:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

Activities, games and FUN!

Everyone welcome!

Please no dogs. 


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NECA Minutes for 2007-10-22


To view the minutes of the 2007-10-22 NECA Executive Meeting, click here (Adobe Reader is required).

Crichton Community Council - February Update

Since our President, Penney Place is away volunteering in Africa until the spring, I am filling in during her absence. My main responsibilities include writing this piece for the News and making sure our monthly meetings end before midnight. So far so good.
We just finished off a busy year that included managing the Stanley Park Fieldhouse and Rink and a number of community events – including the Plant Sale, Community Picnic, Garage Sale, and renewed Halloween Howl. Thanks to all our volunteers and participants for making these events a success.
Now that we finally have snow, the rink by the Fieldhouse is in full operation. Hours have been posted here in the News and at the rink. On January 27, we celebrated the arrival of winter with the New Edinburgh Winter Carnival. Thanks to Joseph Cull for leading the organization of this annual event.
For the rest of 2007, the 3Cs is moving forward with our usual events and a few new ones. In May, we hope to organize a special event in support of the National Capital Marathon runners who are expected to make their way through the Burgh. It should be lots of early morning fun -- more information will be forthcoming closer to race day.
Another important initiative this year is a proposed addition to the Stanley Park Playground. We now have a proposal to add a structure to the current park. You can learn more about the proposal and provide your views on the Burgh web site (www.newedinburgh.ca). Information is also posted at the Fieldhouse. We hope to secure funding and submit a final proposal to the city this spring.
Our next meeting will take place on Monday, February 12 at 7:30 pm at the Fieldhouse. New members are always welcome.
New Edinburgh Rink Schedule 2006/2007
TUESDAY 5 - 9 pm
WEDNESDAY 5 - 9 pm
THURSDAY 5 - 9 pm
FRIDAY 4 - 10 pm
SATURDAY 11 - 9 pm
SUNDAY 11 - 6 pm
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Book Signing at Books on Beechwood

In May of this year, the Gloucester Historical Society published a book on the Pioneer Families of New Edinburgh, Volume One: 1830-1870. The author, Robert Serré, has agreed to attend a signing session at Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood Avenue, on Saturday, June 23, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
This 55-page book contains a brief history of the early village, as well as biographical and genealogical profiles of 93 pioneer families. The author, Robert Serré, grew up in Ottawa’s Sandy Hill neighbourhood, and now lives in Manor Park. A retired translator, Robert has become an avid local historian. Having recently published books on the pioneer families of the Gloucester Quarries, Glen Ogilvie and Cyrville, he is preparing other books on Blackburn, Hurdman’s Bridge, Janeville and, of course, New Edinburgh (volume two).
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Spring Street Sweeping

Concentrated street sweeping operations in New Edinburgh are set for the week of April 10, weather permitting.  During concentrated street sweeping motorists are asked to watch for temporary "no parking" signs that will be posted prominently.  Vehicles parked where "no parking" signs are placed during concentrated street sweeping may be ticketed and towed to a nearby street.  This restriction applies to all vehicles, including those with on-street parking permits.
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2007 Editions

     New Edinburgh News - June 2007 [10MB]New Edinburgh News - October 2007 [12MB]New Edinburgh News - December 2007 [8MB]

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NECA Minutes for 2006-06-19

June 19, 2006
From Board: John Jarecsni, Carrolyn Johnston, Andrew Kerr, Gemma Kerr, Gail McEachern, Catherine Mirsky, David Sacks
Ex Officio: Jacques Legendre Guests: David Horley, Jean-Louis Wallace
Agenda and Minutes:
The Agenda was approved unanimously with addition of Councillor’s Report.
The March 20 and April 24 Minutes were approved with minor corrections, and the May 15 Minutes were approved as presented. Votes were all unanimous.
Treasurer’s Report
The request for a further $100 for the K’Leigh Cundall memorial was passed unanimously, giving a total donation of $200. The existing cheque made out to the City will be recalled and replaced.
NECA’s contribution of $200 to the Community Action for Rockcliffe Airbase Development (CARAD) group, which is already approved, should be paid. John agreed to go to the next CARAD meeting and make the payment.
Councillor’s Report
Councillor Legendre said that residents of Noel Street have been notified of the City’s proposal to install speed humps to limit traffic speed on the street and asked to comment. Humps were proposed in NECA’s 1997 Traffic Plan.
The approval of the draft Beechwood Design Plan has been delayed due to the Councillor’s absence, and a request by Vanier residents for another public meeting. This meeting will take place on July 5th, and means for publicising it were discussed. A controversial feature of the draft is the inclusion of a zoning change to allow a restaurant to be constructed at the St. Patrick Bridge on the New Edinburgh side.
Parking for up to two hours around Governor’s Walk on Stanley Avenue has been implemented as discussed at the last meeting.
A traffic study has been completed for the junction of Union and Crichton streets. Vehicle numbers were borderline for installation of a stop sign. Councillor Legendre said that he would formally request placing a stop sign at this junction in view of the strong community support for this measure. Placing the sign should take about a month. Jean-Louis Wallace requested that a crosswalk be placed at the junction to improve pedestrian safety, and that parking should be limited to two hours. This request was referred to NECA’s Traffic Committee. The Councillor will also investigate what the City’s policy is on crosswalks.
AGM Post-mortem
The general consensus was that the meeting went well. About 30 people attended. Specific comments include:
  • The Field House is a good location for the AGM, though the acoustics are not very good, and an easier means of providing seating is required (chairs came from 200 Crichton this year)
  • The hand-out package was very good, and should be repeated next year. However, it would be good to have all the reports submitted a week in advance of the AGM to allow preparation of an email package to send to existing members
  • Providing people get the package in advance, no presentations should be made, each item should be questions only
  • Food was very good, cold beverages were not enough, tea and coffee were not missed
  • The attendance was low, and possible reasons were discussed. These included absence of burning issues, and lots of new residents
The attendance issue led to discussion of publicity and NECA membership. Does NECA need to do a mail shot to all residents to explain and promote NECA? Should cards be posted in local shops? Should NECA do a membership survey? Should NECA work with Community Council and 4Cs to clarify each mandate?
Regarding promotion of NECA, we should talk to Community Council about NECA access to the bulletin board at the corner of Crichton and Dufferin, can we get a key and place our own material in one corner?
Next season Board Meetings
It was agreed that monthly meetings should continue to be held in the Field House on Monday evenings (usually the third Monday of the month). The start time will remain 7:30 pm. Regarding responsibilities, Gemma is prepared to continue as President for one more year. John will continue as Treasurer. Carrolyn agreed to take charge of Membership. Gail will continue in the short-term as Chair of Development, but will endeavour to hand over this to one of her committee during 2006-2007.
Other Business
Gemma agreed to circulate information as follows:
  • Notice of Rockcliffe Airbase development open meeting June 27
  • Notice of Beechwood Design Plan Community Information meeting July 5
  • Minutes of the recent AGM
The draft letter to the City regarding NECA’s approval of the first sculpture selected for the Sculpture Trail was presented and approved unanimously. Funding requirements are unclear. Gemma will talk to Colin Goodfellow and Ed Browell about this.
Catherine Mirsky requested a donation of $100 to go towards erection of a tree and plaque commemorating a resident who recently drowned while trying to rescue his dog from the Rideau River in our park. These would be placed near the Joey Alexander bench. This was approved unanimously.
Gail requested that NECA provide $500 to purchase a scanner for the New Edinburgh News. This would be used for creating softcopy archives for the paper. This funding was agreed unanimously. It was suggested that it would be a good idea to post the New Edinburgh Heritage Report on the communty website.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Marathon Cheering Squad

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Book Signing at Books on Beechwood

Joyce Bryant, long time resident of New Edinburgh and author of the recently published "Slender Threads," will be signing copies of her memoirs at Books on Beechwood on Dec 6, 5.00 - 6.30 p.m. For more information, contact Books on Beechwood, or visit lifewriters.ca/slenderthreads

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Looking Forward to Clearing the Air in Spring 2007

Like every other institution, business, family or individual, the CCCC looks back over the past year with mixed emotions and, in our case, a mixture of pride in the Centre’s many accomplishments in 2006, and regret at opportunities lost and challenges remaining to be overcome. As most readers are aware, the Lumière Festival in August 2006 was an extraordinary success, attracting a crowd of well over 8000 people from throughout the region, as well as tourists from much farther afield. Plans for the 2007 Festival are already well advanced, and a growing number of volunteers from throughout the City have come forward to assist with preparations for the event.
The Centre’s repertoire of programme activities has continued to expand and diversify, attracting a significant increase in participation over previous years (including an enthusiastic group of 4-legged participants in the dog training courses offered each week!) More and more members of the community are discovering the attractions of using the Centre for everything from parties to exhibits, to photo shoots and concerts. And while our renovations were halted when TSOD management inexplicably refused to consent to the City issuing a building permit for the Centre, we have moved ahead with significant upgrades to our space, enhancing both its attractiveness and its utility as a venue for community, arts and cultural activities.
It is, of course, no secret that the Centre has continued to struggle with a multitude of contractual and operational issues in its relations with the management of The School of Dance (TSOD). Many of these were mentioned in our last Update in December, and some, such as our continuing lack of access to the Dufferin Stairwell and Dufferin entrance, have been major impediments to meeting our objectives as a community and cultural hub.
As we head into the spring of 2007, we look forward to having these issues come to a head in May when the Court is scheduled to consider and decide two crucial questions: first, what is the scope and nature of the CCCC’s interest in the building, and secondly, can the building be sold, with or without the Centre remaining in it. In the interim, we are working our way through arbitration, while our wonderful legal team at McCarthy Tétrault is working its way through the discovery process and preparing for our court case in May.
While the date of our Annual General Meeting has not yet been set, it is probable that the meeting will take place in April, and we urge readers to watch for notices in the community, and to come out and join us to show your support for the Centre as we approach this watershed in our development. Thanks to community interest and support in the past, we have managed to stay in the game, and to thrive and grow despite the obstacles. As we face these critical court decisions, we will need to draw on that support more than ever.
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