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NECA Minutes for 2007-05-21


To view the minutes of the 2007-05-21 NECA Executive Meeting, click here (Adobe Reader is required).

Muslims Against Terrorism

Professor Imam Syed Soharwardy will be at Mackay United Church to speak on Islam and what is going on in the world in the name of Islam. Prof. Soharwardy is the founder of Muslims Against Terrorism. There is no charge and all are welcome, please join us from 1pm-330pm on Saturday, Jan. 20th in the Friendship Room (or the sanctuary, depending on numbers). Question period and refreshments.  More information about Prof. Soharwardy may be found at
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CCCC Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
Dufferin Room
2nd Floor, 200 Crichton Street ( Avon Lane entrance ONLY)
3:00-4:00 p.m. Reception and Refreshments
4:00-5:00 p.m. Annual General Meeting
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"Slender Threads" Book Launch Party

"Slender Threads" Book Launch Party

Reading and Book Signing by Neighbourhood Author Joyce Bryant

12.15 – 3.00 p.m., November 25, 2007

St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, (church hall)
125 MacKay Street, Ottawa ON

Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, call the church at 613.745.7834 or email info@lifewriters.ca



Joyce will donate one half of all sales to St Bartholomew’s Church.

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Neighbourhood Watch Update - February 2007

Since Christmas, the neighbourhood has been quiet with respect to criminal activity. Nonetheless it pays to continue our vigilance to prevent the statistics from climbing.
We have often talked about putting in place measures to secure the home such as putting on lights, cancelling the newspapers when you go away and keeping your doors locked at all times. We have, however, not talked much about the additional measures that help to enhance your home’s security, like security systems, or the use of keys and garage door openers.
Security systems by no means ensure that you will never be broken into, however it acts as a deterrent. Younger criminals in particular, who are looking for something to sell, will mostly look for an easy entry into your home, i.e., through unlocked doors, or an open garage door. In other words, crimes of opportunity. They would usually prefer not to risk setting off an alarm. Therefore, if you decide to get an alarm, choose a reputable company. There are numerous companies to choose from, but remember, you are trusting your security with them, so choose wisely. Ask for references and ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau.
If you move or change doors, get new locks installed or change the key combination. You can never guarantee how many keys the previous owners made, and more importantly who they were given to. Remember, criminals are looking for the easy way to enter your home. Having your keys gives them free and easy access without trying.
Lastly, have you ever wondered why you woke up one morning to find your garage door open, even though you swore you had closed it. Well, it is amazing how many of us buy that new garage door with the latest in remote controls, but forget to change the code. All garage doors openers are set to the manufacturer’s base specifications with a common code. You must remember to ask your installer to change the code to one unique to you. Otherwise criminals can purchase a standard opener and cruise the neighbourhood trying everyone’s garage door until one opens. Before you know it, the contents of your garage are gone.
I say this almost every article, but get the Police to help you assess your home security. It is free and it might just save you from the next round of break and enters.

Ottawa Sculpture Trail Short List

The Ottawa Sculpture Trail group has narrowed down the number of suitable sculptures to replace the sculpture in Stanley Park that was vandalized last year.

Colin Goodfellow will be presenting the shortlist at the NECA AGM on Monday, June 18th.  The PowerPoint presentation is also available here.

If you have feedback regarding the proposed sculptures, please contact Colin at colingoodfellow@yahoo.ca


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NECA President Gemma Kerr Reports

Although this winter was not very severe, it has dragged on a bit, and it is good to see springtime coming. It will not be long until Saturday, May 12, when our annual park cleanup takes place. As there is a large area to cover, I encourage everyone who values and enjoys our park to come out and help.
The middle weekend in May will be busy this year, because we have Rideau River Cleanup Day happening on Sunday May 13. Supported by the environmental grant that NECA obtained from the City late last year, we are expanding the clean-up to cover the area from Minto Bridges to Hurdman and beyond, and riverbank volunteers will be assisted by a team of canoeists. The grant has enabled us to design a logo, obtain promotional items, and generate publicity which I hope will bring out a large number of helpers on the day, and enable us to expand the clean-up further next year. We owe a huge vote of thanks to Catherine Canning for her leadership and hard work in getting the project up and running.
There has been considerable interest recently in the fate of the empty Canada and the World Pavilion on Sussex Drive. NECA’s main concern is to ensure long-term public access to the building, and, even more important, to the Rideau Falls lookout area at the side and back of the building. The lookout is the only good land-based viewing location for this historic and scenic waterfall which is visited by thousands of Canadians and international visitors each year. Community representatives have recently met with senior staff at the National Capital Commission (which owns the site) to discuss the matter. Details of this meeting can be found here.
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It’s Crunch Time At 200 Crichton

It’s Crunch Time At 200 Crichton:
Your Presence and Support is Urgently Needed to Preserve our Community Centre
Please Join Us For A Public Meeting On Sunday, October 21st, 2007
At 4:30-6:00 p.m.
In the Dufferin Room
200 Crichton Street


  • Hear the facts about our current situation
  • Get involved in our final effort to secure this historic building as a public asset, a community centre and a vibrant facility for the arts, recreation and culture
  • Volunteer your skills and expertise
  • Invest in your community’s future: Make a Financial Donation to our Campaign to Acquire 200 Crichton

This Ambitious End Game Could Be A New Beginning for Our Community Centre: But Not Without Your Help and Support!


Contact Information: 613-745-2742 (CRIC)

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New Edinburgh Winter Carnival

On January 27th, the Crichton Community Council (3Cs) will be hosting the Annual New Edinburgh Skating Party/Winter Carnival at the Stanley Park Fieldhouse, from 3-5 pm.  Like the Picnic and Halloween Howl it will be lots of fun for everyone -- even if the snow is limited -- with hot chocolate, hot dogs, games, skating, hockey, free horse-drawn sleigh rides, etc.
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Annual New Edinburgh Picnic

The New Edinburgh


Stanley Park (Fieldhouse)

Sunday June 10th 11:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

Activities, games and FUN!

Everyone welcome!

Please no dogs. 


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