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New Edinburgh News Goes Electronic!

We're pleased to announce entire issues of the New Edinburgh News are now available on this site in electronic format.  Over the coming months and years, we will be working to put an archive of backissues online.

The current (October, 2007) issue of the newspaper is available here , and for the historians, the very first issue of the paper, from April, 1976, is available here .

Note that these files are over 10MB is size, and are only recommeded for those of you with a broadband internet connection. 

Special thanks to New Edinburgh News editor Cindy Parkyani for making this possible.


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NECA Minutes for 2006-10-23

Monday, October 23, 2006 at the Field House, 193 Stanley Avenue

Present: John Jarecsni (treas and chair), Barbara Benoit (sec), Andrew Kerr (web), Cathy Mirsky, Gail McEachern (Development), Dilshad Macklem, David Sacks

Absent: Pauline Bogue, Carrolyn Johnson

Ex officio: Cindy Parkanyi (NEN), Penney Place (3 C’s), Johan Rudnick (4C’s), Colin Goodfellow (Sculpture Trail)

Ivy Crescent residents: Tanya Guay, Michel Groulx, Ingrid McCarthy, Ian MacKay, Marie Montpetit, Loretta Nazar

Development Committee members: Paul McConnell, Alexandra Reid

Guests: Jane Brammer (CARAD), Pamela Sweet (Fo-Tenn)


The agenda was adopted by unanimous consent.

The June minutes were adopted. Adoption of the September minutes was deferred.

Councillor’s report:
Jacques did not report.

CFB Rockcliffe:
Rick Hughes (Canada Lands) displayed a detailed plan for the site and explained each major item (green spaces, corridors, pockets of development, transportation and public transit. He said that the goal was 4,500 units housing 9,000 people, at a density of 25 units per acre. (For comparison, New Edinburgh and Lindenlea together have a population of 5,000.).

Jane Brammer (CARAD, the community umbrella group) said that the group has been recognized, has commented on the design plan, and will participate on the advisory committee. She asked NECA for input.

NECA members commented that the design is good. The weakness is in implementation, when the City will grant all sorts of variances.

Rick said the intention is to maintain control by selling off small blocks to individual designers. There is an interest in green housing.


Fo-Tenn Community Workshop
Gail tabled a report by Bev Jensen and Pam Sweet (Fo-Tenn) on the draft comprehensive zoning by-law. She presented the Development Committee’s proposal for Fo-Tenn to carry out a review of its implications for New Edinburgh with recommendations, the deadline being neighbourhood submissions by December 1 and public consultations in February. She asked for a fee of $5,500 plus GST and disbursements.

John Jarecsni moved to accept the proposal.
Gail McEachern seconded the motion.
The motion was unanimously carried.

Crichton Community Council (Three C’s):
Penney reported that the Three C’s would be reviving the Halloween Howl and holding a Christmas event. The playground consultations with the City are running into bumps. New Edinburgh has fallen down the priority list. She asked NECA to contribute $250 for the purchase of 20 chairs for the Field House.

John Jarecsni moved to act on her request.
Barbara Benoit seconded the motion
The motion was unanimously carried.


Sculpture Trail/ New Edinburgh Park Trust
Colin described the activities of the group, which is incorporated as the Ottawa Sculpture Trail Steering Committee, and reminded NECA that in September he had asked for three things: support for the concept, support for site selection and a contribution to the estimated $5,000 cost of a concrete pad on which the sculpture would be mounted. He now estimated the total cost as approximately $13,000 over three years ($7,200 for the pad and $1,800 rental per year to the Canada Council Art Bank for the work. He said that money currently held in the New Edinburgh Park Trust would be put toward the rental costs. Gail reminded NECA that it had lent the Park Trust $3,000 and that the money had subsequently been returned. It was agreed that NECA would write a letter to Ed Browell saying that NECA had no further claims on any funds held by the Park Trust.
John Jarecsni moved that NECA make a donation of $5,000 to the Sculpture Trail group for the installation of the pad.
Barbara Benoit seconded the motion.
The motion was carried, with Cathy Mirsky opposed.

Other Subcommittee Reports

I. Cindy Parkanyi reported that the New Edinburgh News distribution manager is stepping down and that she had someone willing to do the December distribution for $50. John Jarecsni approved this expenditure.
II. Andrew Kerr reported that discussion groups are now on-line and that he had identified a mechanism to store the membership list. It would cost $25 plus an extra $3 per month to maintain. John Jacecsni approved this expenditure.
III. John Jarecsni presented a financial projection for FY 2006-2007, compared with actual figures for FY 2005-2006.
IV. Membership and traffic reports were unavailable.


Development, Heritage and Intensification
Tanya Guay outlined the concerns of Ivy Crescent residents about a proposed development at 198 Ivy Crescent, about NECA’s support for the proposal, about issues of transparency and governance that had arisen with respect to the activities of the Development subcommittee; and about the prospect of an OMB hearing on the proposal. Gail McEachern presented an account of the issue from the sub-committee’s viewpoint. NECA regretted that it had not seen a copy of a letter to the Committee of Adjustment sent out on its behalf and agreed to attend a meeting at the Field House on November 6th with respect to the development project and to review its position before its next scheduled meeting on November 20th.

Other Business:
I. John reminded people about the all-candidates meeting. School board trustees have been invited.
II. NECA has received the $5000 from the City for the park clean-up and is holding it in trust.
III. A tree and plaque were installed in memory of K’Leigh Cundell. Her parents came to view the memorial privately and asked that their thanks should be put into the New Edinburgh News.
IV. The NECA Traffic Calming Report (1997) recommended that the City consider closing off Stanley Avenue from the Field House to River Lane. NECA has the option to request the City to start a review of the feasibility of the closure.
By common consent the meeting was adjourned.

NECA Minutes for 2007-03-19


Monday, March 19, 2007
Field House, 193 Stanley Avenue


Board members: Barbara Benoit (Secretary), John Jarecsni (Treasurer), Carrolyn Johnston, Gail McEachern, Catherine Mirsky, David Sacks;

Ex officio: Michel Giroux (CCC), Madelien Lang (Park), Cindy Parkanyi (NEN).

Guests: John Arnold, Ernie Smith.


Board members: Pauline Bogue, Andrew Kerr, Gemma Kerr, Dilshad Macklem.

Agenda and Minutes:
The Agenda was approved. The minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Financial Report
John presented a financial report showing actual figures for 2006 and projected figures for the year ending April 30, 2007.

NECA Subcommittee Reports

I. Membership: Carrolyn presented a draft membership form for review. It was approved with minor changes.

II. NEN: Cindy reported that the NEN deadline is tomorrow. John reported that he had done the receivables on line and that out of $7,000 in revenue in October only $80 was outstanding.

III. Park: Madelien and John reported that Ed had not submitted any Park files of interest.

IV. Development and Heritage: Gail reported that Michel Giroux has joined the committee. A meeting was to take place for a proposal for a duplex with garage at 9-11 Putman. She presented a new Fo-Tenn proposal for a three-phase, six-task study of the City’s new bylaw. A motion, proposed by Gail and seconded by Cathy Mirsky, to approve a payment of $2,000 for Phase One was withdrawn after discussion. Michel reported that the OMB met at the end of January to consider the Ivy Crescent proposal. Ivy Crescent residents, the City and the Committee of Adjustment all opposed the original proposal. The developer submitted new plans the night before, and the hearing was consequently adjourned until April 12.

Affiliate Reports:

I. CCC: Michel reported that voting for the new play structure is taking place on-line, and a proposal will be made to the City by the end of April. The Plant Sale will be held as usual in May.

II. CCCC: The court date is approaching.

Other Business

I. John promised to forward e-mails concerning the NCC’s decision on the use of the Canada and the World building.

II. The AGM was confirmed for Monday, June 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the Field House.

III. John reported that Gemma and Gail have submitted their resignations effective June 18th.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Annual Winter Carnival

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Debate on Environment

The Rockcliffe Park Residents Association have organized a “friendly debate “ on “The Environment and Its Challenges” between Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, and Thomas D’Aquino. President and CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives.
This takes place on Wednesday, February 28 at 8.00 P M at the Rockcliffe Park Community Hall at 380 Springfield Rd.
The event is of course free and followed by coffee and cookies. All welcome. Our hall can hold about 100 people.
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NECA Board Meeting for April 23rd Cancelled

The NECA Board Meeting for April 23rd has been cancelled.

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Community Concert - Kids Helping Kids

A talented group of nine young Ottawa musicians between the ages of 11 and 19 are staging a benefit concert to aid Cambodian orphans. The concert will take place at 4:00 PM on Sunday, November 4, 2007 at MacKay United Church, 39 Dufferin Road, Ottawa (New Edinburgh). This classical music fundraiser is being organized entirely by the young musicians and their friends. The renowned, Canadian-born international concert pianist, Janina Fialkowska is the Honorary Patron for the concert. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for youths and available from their website (www.khk-es.ca) and “A Better Frame of Mind” (417 MacKay St) and at the door.
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NECA Minutes for 2006-11-20

Monday, November 20, 2006 at the Field House, 193 Stanley Avenue
Present: Gemma Kerr (pres.), John Jarecsni (treas.), Barbara Benoit (sec.), Andrew Kerr (website), Gail McEachern (Development), Dilshad Macklem, David Sacks
Absent: Pauline Bogue, Catherine Mirsky, Carrolyn Johnson
Ex officio: Joseph Cull (Development Committee), Alexandra Reid (Development Committee), Paul McConnell (Development Committee), Guy Legault (Development Committee), Cindy Parkanyi (New Edinburgh News), Penney Place (CCC)
Guest: Miriam MacNeil (Fo-Tenn)
The agenda was adopted, with the Development Committee presentation moved forward.
The minutes were deferred until January.
Councillor’s Report
Jacques Legendre was unable to attend.
Development, Heritage and Intensification Committee
Report Miriam MacNeil tabled Fo-Tenn’s report on zoning issues and drew particular attention to the need for clarification of the changes in floodplain provisions and building heights (where they are measured from). She recommended that NECA make a formal request to the City for a community design plan. John Jarecsni agreed to draft a letter in consultation with Gail McEachern, and to circulate the draft within a few days to all NECA and Development Committee members.
Gail McEacern distributed copies of a new letter from NECA to the OMB rescinding its earlier support for the Ivy Crescent development proposal.
Barbara Benoit moved that NECA accept this draft as the expression of its position on the matter.
David Sachs seconded the motion.
The motion was unanimously carried.
Affiliate Reports:
I. CCC: Penney Place reported that there would be no special Christmas event. The skating party will be held on January 27th. The City has no funds available for the park, and the CCC will pursue other sources for upgrading the playground equipment.
II. 4Cs: Johan was not present. Joseph Cull reported that the auction raised over $13,000. There will be more information in the December New Edinburgh News.
III. Park: There were no reports on the park.
IV. Sculpture Trail: John Jarecsni reported that he had heard from Colin Goodfellow that, to pay the sculpture pad’s actual cost of $6,500 he had used the $4,200 from the Park Trust and $2,500 from NECA. He proposed to put an additional $2,500 from NECA towards the Art Bank costs. John noted that NECA had agreed in October to pay for the pad, but not the Art Bank costs. In the meantime, the sculpture has been destroyed by vandalism. The police are looking into the case.
Barbara Benoit moved that NECA advance the full sum of up to $5000 as a final contribution to the Sculpture Trail, to be applied to any costs related to installation of the sculpture in Stanley Park, with the provision that NECA receive a full accounting of how the sum was spent.
Gail McEachern seconded the motion.
The motion was carried, with John Jarecsni abstaining.
Gemma agreed to write a letter to Colin Goodfellow presenting NECA’s offer.
V. Urban Rideau Conservationists: John Jarecsni reported that NECA has received $5000 from the City which must be spent within one year. The Conservationists group has begun to develop and implement plans for spring activities.
Sub-committee Reports
I. Financial: No report
II. Membership: no report
III. New Edinburgh News: The NEN is experimenting with a commercial distributor for Beechwood businesses. A new volunteer residential distributor is needed.
IV. Traffic: no report (Gemma will look for a new chair to replace Rick Findlay). There have been two major accidents at MacKay and Beechwood in the past few days.
V. Web-site: The sign-up procedure has been simplified. Discussion groups are up and running. Andrew has asked Colin Goodfellow to respond to comments on the sculpture trail. Committee of Adjustment notices should be posted on the site.
Other business
I. Christmas party: It will be at Gemma’s house, and the CCC board will also be invited.
II. A public meeting on the Rockcliffe Air Force Base will be held at the Aviation Museum on November 29th.
III.The Soccer League is looking for a new convener.
Adjournment: By common consent the meeting was adjourned.

NECA's Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the New Edinburgh Community Alliance will take place on Monday, June 18th at the Field House, 193 Stanley.

 All are welcome.  Come become a member of NECA!


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